More life at a lower cost

Safe and secure living.

Switzerland is an affluent country and its salary levels are correspondingly high. The gross salaries are among the highest in Europe, while the social security contributions and taxes are considerably lower than those of, say, Germany. Employees can depend on an outstanding social welfare system, which guarantees financial support for situations ranging from unemployment and accidents at work to retirement. These are not the only things which make Valais such an appealing place to work. The varied, affordable housing stock, the low cost of living, the relaxing natural surroundings, the Valais blend of deep-rooted belonging and dynamism… We have our own currency – 100 percent quality of life!

Idyllic surroundings with plenty going on.

The decision on where to base yourself involves a lot of factors and needs careful consideration. The benefits of cities are different from those offered mby rural areas, and both are combined in Valais. Reliable, efficient transport networks mean that urban centres are within easy reach, while the natural world, with all its opportunities for relaxation, is on the doorstep. Valais is a place that gives you peace and quiet to concentrate on living.

Comparative cost of living (typical household*, CHF)

More life at a lower cost.

Salaries and living costs vary within Switzerland. This means it is always worth making sure you do your research thoroughly – after all, it is what myou have left at the end of the month that counts. And in this regard the regions vary widely – urban centres of population may offer attractive high salaries, but at the same time the cost of living there is incredibly high. Zurich and Geneva are among the most expensive cities in the world, with their property costs, health insurance premiums, taxes, childcare costs… A detailed comparison shows that a family in Valais has more net disposable income than in most other parts of Switzerland.

Net disposable income in Switzerland

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