Families welcome

A paradise for families.

Nowhere can give an absolute guarantee of happiness, but when it comes to your family, how much value do you place on being close to nature, where they can put down roots in a safe environment? The family is close to the hearts of the people of Valais – and not only emotionally. The canton of Valais leads the way in supporting young families: no other canton gives higher familyallowances, and nowhere else do working families who need childcare have such a good standard of living. A rapidly growing provision of childcare facilities in Upper Valais, with 16 daycare centres already established in central locations, ensures that career and childcare can be effortlessly combined. Allow your children to play out in carefree safety. Valais offers your kids space to live and play as suits them. So, out to play!

Child benefits in comparison with the other cantons

Great prospects for old and young.

Varied and multilingual – the Valais education system covers all levels, from primary school to a University of Applied Sciences, with excellent schools coverage. Short travelling distances mean that children enjoy more freedom, independence and safety. Valais students only have to leave the canton if they wish to go to university – and the outstanding transport facilities keep travel times down even then; the University of Bern is just an hour away by train. Valais is a bilingual canton, and the Upper Valais schools give special attention to the teaching of French and English as a second language from primary school level. With a broad-based primary education, a choice of secondary and vocational schools and a wide range of adult and further education, Upper Valais is the place to learn!

A place that bustles with life.

What do you imagine a family paradise to be like? Plenty of scope for relaxation on the doorstep? A large, widely varied range of leisure facilities? Then we have mwhat you’re looking for – in Valais you will find every imaginable kind of leisure mand sports facilities for young and old, all within easy reach – whether outdoors, under cover, in mountains or valleys. The real feel for unity and community among the Valais population is reflected in the range of lively associations. A wealth of clubs and societies offer a wide choice of activities covering sports, the arts, theatre, folklore, culture, music and more.

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